The Sinus Buds were formed during a musical coup around 1988 by Binary Slim
and Opeo. They joined forces with a rival faction, Dept, in 2004, although they
performed with this lineup as early as 1991 under the name "2 Chuck Norris".
Disenchanted with the formula corporate mind control being passed off as music,
the Sinus Buds were formed to provide a new and uncensored stream of
consciousness. Their music is influenced by the secret social experiments
conducted on the public by Government Medical Officials at Camarillo State
Hospital from the 1960's up until the early 1990's.Being constantly tested with
various implants as children,growing up in Camarillo,the result is, Sinus Buds are
unable to write songs or perform any piece twice,unless doctors/agents program
them to do so. They are simply in a medically induced trance, and keep little or no
memory of the creative process. With sounds ranging from Americana Space
Noise, to down and dirty Story based Ambient transmissions, these human/device
hybrid outpatients are worth hearing.


DEPT: Electronics, Guitarded, Bass
OPEO: Electronics, Bass
Hello, My Name is Sinus Buds
Sinus Buds
All in the Best for Browsing
Whistling Men
No Need at All
Washed-Up Superpower
Little Kevin part 1
Little Kevin part 2 / The Cause of the Premises
Dad's Gum
Easier Than Free
Death Certificate
Gravity Elevator
That Jaw Which is Destroyed / Refreshing Gyrations
Twelve-Step Two-Step
In Saddam City
In Unmarked Boxes
What the Hell's That? / 70 Something Year Old / I Was Being Chased
$12.00 (S/H Included)