Kuz.b started in 2004 as a collaboration beetween gilles ANQUEZ et eddy
DEPOORTER, two musicians coming from the north of France electro-rock scene.
The duet aims at exploring relation beetween present time, space and sound
through free form improvisation.

They use different acoustic and electronic means  ( guitar, laptop, turntables,
percussions, objects...) to develop imersive sonic landscapes. In order to allow
the audience in the improv process, the duet developed tangible interfaces (such
as balls and contact mics) and interactive softwares written with supercollider and
processing. Kuz.b as released several pieces/albums on differents netlabels
(france, US, China, Uk) and performed in different festivals, art galleries and
atypical spaces (STEIM, Today's arts, placard festival, natural spaces...).
Through its works, Kuz.b seeks to explore deeply the relationship beetween       
the inner and the outer of the human being.  


GILLES ANQUEZ: Analogue Synth, Effects Pedal, and Vocals.
EDDY DEPOORTER: Palette, Kuz.bAll, Supercollider, Laptop.
Musique Pour Balle Et Arrachement Osseux
Live Set - Musique Pour Balle Et Arrachement Osseux
$12.00 (S/H Included)